Wise King Solomon

A young king once ruled Israel
He wished no gold, nor ransom nor prize
All he asked from Jehovah was
The gift of being wise

This made God very happy
And so he granted Solomon’s request
But because he’d asked for nothing else
God left Solomon further blessed:

He gave him lots of riches
And well-being for many years
One day, two women came to the king
With a baby crying tears

These women had a big dispute
The first, claimed this boy was hers
That the other woman’s child had died one night
So the king shouldn’t believe her slurs

The second woman had a similar story
Saying this baby was HERS instead
That in reality, the FIRST woman’s baby
Was the one that is now dead

Because each claimed the child as hers
One mother must be speaking lies
King Solomon had to decide which one
But this king was very wise

He sent a man to fetch a sword
And told him what to do
“If both these women want the child
He must be cut in two”

The other woman was quite happy
That the child might end up dead
But the first woman, begs King Solomon
“Please give the baby to her instead”

This display proved to Solomon
That only one had motherly love
The king then showed his wisdom
Heaven sent from God above

“Give the child to this first woman
Only SHE cares if he lives or dies”
From that day forth, everybody knew
That King Solomon was most wise

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