Wedding Belle’s


So he proposed to you eventually
After many years of dating
Cos a bigger pledge was needed right?
And this girl was done with waiting!

He DID impress! So you said “Yes!”
Was there ever any doubt?
Though he needed courage to ask your Dad
With a glass of strongest stout

You loved the ring. Some serious bling!
Then the wedding had to be planned:
From invitations to the catering
From flowers to wedding band

With venue: secured and weather: assured!?
Your summer wedding is nearly there
You’ve chosen your lovely Bridesmaids
And the stylist to do your hair

Your wedding theme and colour scheme
Has all your unique flair
You found the perfect Bridesmaids gowns
And you’ve even dressed the chairs

After all that organisation
I think you deserve a rest
When your perfect day comes around
Just sit pretty and look your best

Thank God you don’t have to stand up
To speak to one and all
Instead you will be sitting down
The radiant belle of the ball

So NOW the pressure is off you
It’s the boys’ turn I do believe
A great speech, is not always
Something easy to achieve

Especially for your Father:
Already sad to give you away
Struggling with this reality
He now has to find the words to say

Poems Perfect can help him
If giving speeches ain’t his thing
He need only tell me what to say
And I’ll make his dull words sing

So if Dad is struggling with his speech
I shall aid him in how to say,
All his nostalgic anecdotes
On your very special day

I’d be glad to be of service

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