Noah’s Ark

Those outside the Ark laughed no more...

Those outside the Ark laughed no more…

The World had turned into a wicked place.
This left God most displeased.
Demons and giants roamed the earth;
Many people were hurt and teased

God first had plans for man and woman:
He created Eden – a perfect vision.
They were to live with the animals in paradise
But now God had to make a decision

God knew that something had to be done
To destroy the evil upon the earth.
He chose one good man to help him,
To bring about the world’s rebirth

This last good man was Noah
So God had him do something strange
He told him to build a boat (an ark)
And explained how things would change:

“I will bring a great and terrible flood”
“All life on earth will surely die”.
Only Noah and his family would be safe
As the rains fell from the sky

God told Noah to bring some animals:
One male and female of every kind
But of some (and the birds) He said “bring seven”.
All the others he should leave behind

The ark looked like a huge wooden house
But this house was made to float.
Noah’s family could live within it,
Leaving the bad people to jeer and gloat

Years later, when the ark was built
Noah and his wife walked aboard.
On went their sons and their wives too;
Then the animals
And the food they had stored

Everybody else still behaved badly
When God closed the ark’s big door.
They had mocked Noah and his loved ones
But soon, they would laugh no more…

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