Margaret Thatcher – A Poet’s Perspective

Thatcher – Ding Dong the…

Maggie Thatcher - A Poet's Perspective

Iron Lady? Maggie? Thatcher?
But, in respect, let’s call her “Margaret”:
She rose quite quickly through the ranks
From grocer’s daughter to Tory starlet

Those fortunate, have good recalls of her
Those worse off: most likely not
Some people will feel an emptiness
Whilst others think: “We’re well shot…”

Yes, very few public figures
Can cause such opinion-divide
With one hand she took so much from folk
With the other, she did provide

Complicated woman possibly?
Or maybe just single minded
But to the plight of jobless millions
She was definitely blinded

She survived the Brighton Bombing
She took us through a War
She wielded the dreaded Poll Tax
To hit the already poor

As an infant she took my milk away
As a kid she broke industry to bits
But for the thousands of humble coalmen
Closing the mines was just the pits

The workers from these mines
Now jobless and working class
Were treated as feckless wastrels
And told to “get off yer fekkin’ arse”

In this regard she was unique
And wanted to be the only one:
The only Northern woman M.P.
With a country to be run

Her place as first female P.M.
The unions she did suppress
The Yuppies were utterly ‘rolling in it’
While jobless had homes possessed

Now laid to rest beside Denis
With full military honour
A generous tribute to Maggie T.
Who is finally a goner…

I hope you found time to make your peace first! R.I.P.

Photo belongs to Dylan Jeavons:


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