Happy Birthday Godson

Hey young Cayd MacGregor
I’m your Godfather – yes I am
There’s loads I’d like to say to you
So much in, I’d like to cram

The first time I laid eyes on you
I thought right from the start
“If ever you need me–I’ll be there”
However far we’re apart

But that daily job goes to one
Who you only know as Dad
But to me he’s just a dear old friend
Who’s sometimes known as “Ads”

I saw you christened within God’s gaze
Your little life had just begun
I’d like to be a part of it
My little young cherub godson

I know I’m very far away
I’m in a total different zone
But when next the chance comes around
I’d love to see how much you’ve grown

I hope you grow up healthily
And respect both Dad & Mum
You must eat all your dinners up
And finish off every crumb

For then you’ll be a big strong lad
Like Dad (see that’s the plan)
And just like Dad you’ll prove to be
A decent upstanding man

So have a Happy Birthday
Now that you have reach two
Have Haggis, Salmon, Square Sausages
All washed down with some Irn-Bru…

…Well it IS your birthday!

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