Happy birthday Danielle

Happy Birthday sweetheart
No longer are you a girl
‘Though your eyes still have their cheeky glint
And your hair, its girly curl

 But before we put good times to bed
Before those gifts you do unwrap
Let’s have an ode to the good ole days
As your debauchery we recap

Much time has passed (but also not)
As it only seems yesterday
When my ‘little’ shy Nelly Girl
One day did go astray

Yep, packed her bags and up she went
And all at the age of four
Far and away she travelled
‘Til she ended up locked next door

Welcome to ‘Danielle’s Diaries’
A more gripping read you will not find
A cheeky, naughty handful she was
Which prompted a smacked behind

Like when she found a toy pistol once
And started flicking mildewed water
Nowt wrong with that, some peeps might say
‘Cept it was at Mum’s other daughter

 Yes young Chani too felt her wrath
Let the story thus be told
So what if Chani did no wrong
And was only just 3 days old!!!

Loves telephone chats too, does our ‘Nelly’
She stores numbers all the time
But we’re not talking about ‘phone a friend’
More like let’s phone bloody CHILDLINE

But if I stayed here ribbing you
The bigger picture we all would miss
Of a girl who’s a fantastic sister
And a girl her Mum loves to kiss

That Mum is so so proud of you
(maybe you’re not often enough told)
But I’ll love you always, no matter what
Whether baby, young lady or old

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