Farewell James Gandolfini


This Week we mourn the passing
Of the Late Great Gandolfini
Best known for a TV gangster role
But his parts were not ALL meanie

In fact he was a method actor
Able to inhabit varied parts
Though it was his ‘Sopranos’ offering
Which had won most viewers’ hearts

 ‘Goodfellas’ was the last great mob film
But ‘The Sopranos’ was more unique
For when the former showed just once
Sopranos televised every week

Tony – conflicted *Mafia boss
(Multi-awarded and widely approved)
Will stay with us forever
But [from James’s own character] far removed

As violent his role as *Soprano was
James made him an enigma
And to further prove his acting skill
He refused the “gangster” stigma

Instead he cherry-picked his roles:
From tragic father who lost a daughter
To loveable rogue who falls in love
Or gay hitman out for slaughter

One constant stayed with many roles
His sad eyes and intense stare
Which served to portray depression
Or sullen bully with a temper flare

The actor was a very modest man
And notoriously coy
Avoiding Hollywood trappings
He stayed New Jersey, man and boy

His piers applaud the actor
Pals mourn their great friend too
But always, his wife and kids will miss
The family man through and through

Pay tribute To James Gandolfini
I will personally drink a toast
Or should I say to gentle Jim
To family and friends who loved him most

R.I.P. Jim

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