Dino & Karen’s Wedding Anniversay

A long time ago you were my boss
My weekly schedule you arranged
Now, years later, we are married
Not a lot of that has changed

I’d not have you any other way though:
You are passionate, loving and vital
At no time is this more evident
Than when you’re strapping on a bridle

For horse’s are your passion
You care for them with pride
You always seem so spirited
When you’ve come back from a ride

Far from being a typical girl -
Big flash cars fill you with glee
When you sat in 007’s XKR
There was but ONE Bond Girl for me

You’ve travelled to many countries:
Mexico, Egypt and India too
And since we met, I’m pleased to say
To that list, we’ve added a few:

Barcelona was just beautiful
Scenic Slovenia did endear
In our Jungle adventure in Borneo
There was no “Get me outta here”

Spain started a whole new chapter
When I proposed in hot Seville
When you said “yes”, I felt the best
Nothing else can beat that thrill

Lovely memories…with many more to come
We can now share them with one other
Young Marcus has given opportunity
To show you’re also a loving mother

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