Congrats Perez!


Salutations! and Congratulations!
From your neighbours across the pond
As a Limey I think it’s great to see
Perez Hilton and Mario bond

I know my fellow Brits will wish
All the best to you and yours
If only we had a Social Commentator
like yourself upon these shores

Your job is to give us gossip
And honesty is your trait
This undoubtedly brought you enemies
But these now will have to wait:

No time for all the haters
No time for nasty snipes
No time for negativity
Only diapers and baby wipes”

Just like any other Mom or Dad
Your urge is to protect
His every comfort a priority
That’s why his room is nicely ‘decked’

Baby had his problems at first
So we admired when you kept him hidden
He wasn’t fully strong as yet
So press photos were forbidden

This must gain respect from folk
And you’ve also kept Mum nameless
At times you’ve been a whistle blower
But this time you are quite blameless

You need the support of friends and fans
Their love will see you through
And like you wished Ms Mischa
We Brits wish only the best for you…

…and, of course, young Mario Armando
or Junior (to his Dad)
With such a cutie named after you
How, ever, could you be mad?

Your family pics with baby
Show a side that’s mellow & mild
A gentle side, once hidden
Only flourishing when one’s with child

They say expectant moms, do glow
But dare we say new Dads do too
Just seeing you cradling baby
It’s clear that Fatherhood agrees with you

But please don’t get too comfortable
You still have work to do
Whenever you think you have the time
We want more TRUTHS from you…

(picture belongs to Perez Hilton

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