Chris Huhne (ex-M.P.)

Things started nice, for Huhne and Pryce
Despite not taking each other’s name
Wife Vicky got spliced, not once but twice
And so kept her old name the same

The marriage had loud bells ringing
But not church bells you’ll understand
Alarm bells were far more like it
A future disaster would be at hand

Chris Huhne M.P., was a busy bee
He took his partner for a mug
But it all went stale – he’s now in jail
and suddenly not so smug

His Media aide, with whom he stayed
In his expense-paid Eastleigh house
Was sometimes gay (or so they say)
So it raised no worries with spouse

How wrong she’d been, she hadn’t seen
His affair right under her nose
Upon finding out, she had a bout
of rage – from head to toes

Wife Vicky then quickly remembered
An event many years ago:
she’d illegally taken his speeding points…
Now a revenge plot began to grow

She gave the story to the media
“He’d never survive the smear”
She also hoped, that it would end
His glitzy Lib. Dem. career

But revenge would prove far from sweet
She cut her nose to spite her face
Her plan to publicly put him down
Would leave them BOTH in disgrace

So focused was she in her revenge
That she did duly overlook:
The fact that Chris being guilty
Meant she too could be ‘brought to book’

So it came to pass, the stubborn ass:
Ms Pryce was thrown in jail
And all because her dirty spouse
Liked shagging bi-sexual tail

Now the cheating rat Chris Huhne M.P.
Is doing a different kind of ‘bird’
An 8-month stretch to be exact
A greater irony I haven’t heard….

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