An Optimistic Ode to all Budget Day Pessimists

George Osborne

One thing about expecting bad news
Is that you cannot be disappointed
With jobless – up and Growth – down!
The Economy is left disjointed

So when the Chancellor stepped out at no.11
There really wasn’t much
Positive ‘spin’ to put on things
Or much hope at which to clutch:

But not all is doom and gloom you know
George left us with some cheer
He gave the average pub drinker
An extra penny off his beer

For working Mums: more childcare funds
Whilst Dad too is off to work
A budget for all us grafters
Not for those who like to shirk

Planned petrol rises have been stopped
But not so for cigarettes
And those who avoid their taxes
Will have one or two regrets:

For businesses too there is some help:
Corporation Tax will fall
A boost for British firms
With their backs against the wall

Low earners making £10k or less
Will surely be filled with glee
The government are bringing forward plans
To make their pay tax-free

A pay rise for our Soldiers
One which they all deserve
Afforded by fined and cheating banks
(who one might say they had a nerve)

Interest free loans for home buyers
And no deposit to afford
This too will help many builders
Gradually being ‘put to the sword’

This is an ode to positivity
No room for those who can’t
The papers are full of criticism
So go elsewhere for a negative slant

Here: find reasons to be cheerful
Not to sulk or brood or mope
There are indeed tough times ahead
But there is always always hope!

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