A Father’s Day Poem from a son to his war hero Dad

Happy Father’s Day Daddy

It’s Jack (your little pest)

Although I won’t see you Sunday

I still hope you have the best


I know you’re busy working

And fighting the naughty men

I really hope you come home soon

But Mummy cannot say when


I’ve been a really good boy at school

And the teachers say I’m smart

But the others think I’m funny because

I accidentally did a fart


My classmates, they all laughed at me

And my teacher didn’t fret

I didn’t mean to do it

So I hope you’re not upset


It’s because I’m eating all my lunch

So I grow up and make you proud

I know you love me Daddy

So I hope that it’s allowed


I can nearly ride my bike now

But Mum’s not sure if I can balance

So the stabilisers stay put for now

‘til you’re back from Helmund Province


Mummy says she loves you too

So does Nana Cath and Uncle James

He takes me to the park sometimes

Where I swing and climb the frames


I hope YOU take me there this summer

As it is already June

I love you Daddy, please stay safe

And please come home real soon

Love Jack xxx

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