A Bum Doctor’s Birthday

Well here we are – it’s the BIG one
Happy 60th birthday James
Or JDR Rose as you’re better known
(just one of your many names):

 With the roof down on your ragtop
You come to work with sweptback hair
Cutting a dash as your doppelganger
The infamous Doc. Kildare

But unlike your famous namesake
You enjoy your day job more
Well who in their right mind wouldn’t?
With all those colons to explore

Most people use a camera
For family pics with Dad & Mum
But JDR Rose prefers to film
A sore ulcerated tum

And an ‘A(n)nus Horribilis’
To most means what a ‘Terrible Year’
But to JDR Rose it doesn’t
It means ‘Stay away from the rear’

But you’re not just an excellent Doctor
(no, you mean far more as a friend)
Nor just a Gastroenterologist
To your patients on the mend

Although you love your role here
Although that’s all we see
There’s more to the man who after work
Likes a dram of Scotch Whiskey

Wherever one’s hat lies, is their home
Or so they often say
And though it’s in Ayr that you live
To Northumberland your heart does stray

So Happy Birthday from us all
Let’s all raise a glass of wine
We wish you the very best of health
From the staff at Station 9

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