Jonah and the Whale

Jonah is released from his captivity

Jonah is released from his captivity

Herein lays a moralistic tale
About a fish (as big as a whale)
And a prophet named Jonah
Who deserted Jehovah,
To run away, find a ship and set sail

God had instead asked Jonah to teach;
To go to Nineveh (a bad city) and preach
But he didn’t want to do this
And so set sail for Tarshish.
In doing, God’s trust, he did breach

So God gave him a lesson to learn:
Before long there was cause for concern.
The ship’s sailors were scared.
They were caught unprepared,
As God caused the mighty ocean to churn

The sailors were very distressed
As God put Jonah’s faith to the test.
The weather did transform
Into an Almighty storm.
But Jonah was below deck taking rest

The boat started to tip and sway
So the heathen sailors started to pray
To all their fake gods
But it didn’t change the odds -
Each had chosen the wrong god to obey

Jonah awoke to all the commotion
And told the sailors, his own little notion:
For the waters to rest,
However much they protest,
They would need to throw him into the ocean

The other men didn’t want to do this
But, reluctantly, they obeyed Jonah’s wish.
They came to no harm
As the ocean fell calm
And Jonah was swallowed, by a fish

There, inside its belly he stayed
For 3 days and 3 nights he prayed
God then ordered the whale
To let Jonah from jail.
So out of the great fish he sprayed

God’s treatment of Jonah was stern
Because [His wishes] Jonah did spurn.
Then to Ninevah he went,
Where the folk did repent
And a valuable lesson Jonah did learn

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